Trường Võ Khoa Thủ Đức - Khóa 4 "Cương Quyết"


(Sau khi khóa 4 mãn khóa quốc kỳ Pháp không còn nữa)


Nhập trường: 15 tháng 11 năm 1953
Mãn khóa: 01 tháng 6 năm 1954
Sĩ số: 1148
Thủ khoa: Nguyễn Văn Hải


Hội Ái Hữu CVSSQ Khóa Cương Quyết

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"..... that old soldiers never die. They just fade away" Douglas MacArthur


Các Tướng Lãnh xuất Thân Khóa 4 Cương Quyết

Trung Tướng
Ngô Quang Trưởng
Thiếu Tướng
Bùi Thế Lân
Chuẩn Tướng
Trần Quốc Lịch
Thiếu Tướng
Lê Quang Lưỡng
Chuẩn Tướng
Hố Trung Hậu
Chuẩn Tướng
Nguyễn Văn Điềm


Thu Duc Class 4: December 1, 1953-June 1, 1954 - 1,148 Graduates:

James Nach
Political Section of the US Embassy in Saigon
Unpublished Research Paper, 1973-74

The Thu Duc and Nam Dinh schools for reserve officers were set up in late 1951 as part of a French plan to increase the size of the Vietnamese National Army (Quan Doi Quoc Gia) which officially came into being on May 11, 1950. On July 27, 1951, the then State of Viet Nam issued an order (Arrête No. 372/Cab/DN) providing for the "call to the colors" of young men to be given reserve officer training.

The two schools opened on the same date— October 1, 1951— at Thu Duc, near Saigon, and at Nam Dinh (in the North). They were called in French "les écoles des Cadres de Réserve de Thu Duc et Nam Dinh". In Vietnamese, they were known as Truong Si Quan Tru Bi (Schools for reserve officers). James Nach

Note: Class rankings, if any, are for only the 818 cadets commissioned in the infantry branch.

Huynh Buu Son (22) Lt. Colonel. Phuoc Tuy Province Chief since April 1972.
Le Quang Luong (125) Brigadier General. Airborne Division Commander since November 1972. Career Airborne officer.
Nguyen Trong Bao (138) Deceased Colonel. Airborne Division Chief of Staff 1966-72. Killed in action in Quang Tri, 1972.
Le Khanh (154) Colonel. Kien Giang Province Chief since November 1973. Kien Tuong Province Chief 1970-73. Khanh Hoa Province Chief 1966-70. Younger brother of Lt. General Le Nguyen Khang.
Ngo Quang Truong (162) Lt. General. Commander, I Corps/MR 1 since May 1972. Commander, IV Corps/NR 4 1970-72. Commander, 1st Division 1966-70. Former Airborne officer.
Truong Vinh Phuoc (166) Colonel. Deputy Airborne Division Commander since November 1972.
Nguyen Ba Tung (173) Lt. Colonel. Airborne Division Adjutant General since November 1972.
Ho Trung Hau (199) Brigadier General. III Corps Inspector General since November 1973. Commander, 21st Division in 1972. Deputy Airborne Division Commander 1967-72.
Le Ngoc Due (219) Colonel. Phong Dinh Province Chief 1972-73.
Nguyen Van Tuong (280) Lt. Colonel. Airborne Division Artillery Commander since 1972.
Lieu Quang Nghia (316) Colonel. Ba Xuyen Province Chief since March 1973. IV Corps Inspector General 1971-73. Former Airborne officer.
Nguyen Van Diem (355) Brigadier General. Commander, 1st Division since October 1973. Deputy Commander 1972-73.
Ton That Soan (371) Colonel. Hau Nghia Province Chief since November 1973. Marine Division Inspector General 1971-73.
Nguyen Viet Can (387) Deceased Lt. Colonel. Killed in action while commanding 33rd Regiment in 1972. Former Airborne officer. Younger brother of deceased Lt. General Nguyen Viet Thanh.
Buu Hap (389) Lt. Colonel. Kontum Province Chief since 1972. Commander, 2nd Division Artillery 1970-72.
Nguyen Thu Luong (462) Lt. Colonel. Commander, 2nd Airborne Brigade since 1972.
Nguyen Huu Lu (481) Lt. Colonel (former Colonel). Commander, 44th Regiment since late 1973. CO, 5th Regt. 1970-72.
Bui The Lan (649) Brigadier General. Commander, Marine Division since 1972.
Le Dinh Que Colonel. Chief of Staff of the Marine Division since 1971.
Nguyen The Luong Lt. Colonel. Commander, 369th Marine Brigade since 1972.
Nguyen Tan Bach Lt. Colonel. Assistant RVN Air Force Attaché in Washington as of 1973.
Nguyen Dinh Tuyen (64) Colonel. Chief, Defense Ministry Press Division since 1965. Political Warfare officer.
Ngo Minh Chau Colonel. Chief, 1st Logistics Command since 1971.
Hoang Tich Thong (120) Colonel. Deputy Commander, 2nd Division since 1972. Marine officer.
Ngo Van Chung Colonel. Deputy Commander, 3rd Division since 1971.
Pham Van Le (243) Lt. Colonel. Go Cong Province Chief since February 1974. Previously on MR 4 Staff.
Le Canh Di Colonel. Deputy Commander/Chief of Staff of 1st Air Division.
Tran Van Si (82) Major. Assistant Armed Forces Attaché in Washington. Older brother of Brigadier General Tran Van Nhut.
Tran Ba Thanh (522) Colonel. Commander, 48th Regiment since 1971.
Tran Van No Lt. Colonel, Commander, 5th Armored Cavalry Regiment since 1972.


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